April Post Apologies

Hello my very few faithful readers!

You might have noticed that there has only been one post during the month of April. You might have thought, “Was it an elaborate April Fools Month type of thing?”

I’m afraid the answer to that is no. I was recently trying to make some improvements to the website, and like a fool, I assumed my changes took place without a hitch. I thought the site was great, and I simply carried on my merry way making posts about ice creams. Little did I realize, by changing the code and not thoroughly checking the results, none of my new reviews were posting properly! Ugh…. right?

So after many failed attempts at trying to fix the problem, I simply elected to revert the site back to its old format before the changes. Surely this fix would only end exactly as I planned, correct?!

Incorrect. Unfortunately the reversion caused my unposted reviews to all disappear, and now I will be rewriting them and backdating them according to their publishing schedule. Hopefully it will be easier writing my analyses the second time around.

…What Does All This Mean?

So if you begin to see posts come from the past begin to come to light on the home page, please do not worry or think that the past is starting to rewrite itself like some Berenstein/Berenstain Bears type of multi-verse. It is merely my foolish attempt to correct the faults of my poor website management abilities.

Also, for the very few people that even noticed my lack of posting this month, I wanted to apologize to them specifically.  I was so gung-ho about regular posting this year, and in four months time, I totally broke my pledge.

Anyways, while this likely didn’t even need an apology or clarification, for my own hubris, I felt the need to explain. So here goes:

I am sorry for my own inadequecies and will aim to be a better King and webmaster in the future. I sincerely hope you all can forgive me.


Yours Truly,

Daniel “King of Ice Cream” Zimmerman


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