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As stated before, we are living in a Golden Age of ice cream. Artisans of all types are experimenting with flavors, going on adventures of their own, and celebrating ice cream in their own and unique ways. It’s quite inspiring as king to see the greatness you all have accomplished, and here I plan to report on a few of the news that catches my ear. Furthermore, I will also be covering any ice cream adventures of my own here, that are not strictly related to a flavors taste, or a brand’s review.

Topics of interest include: Travel journeys while eating ice cream, ice cream diets and their results, inspiring stories of fellow ice cream enthusiasts, any drastic updates and changes about ice cream businesses, and much more.

Please read on in the posts below to learn more about our beloved ice cream kingdom.

Rococo Ice Cream Ranked #1

Rococo Ice Cream Ranked #1 In the Soolnua 2018 World Ice Cream Index Hey Everyone! Remember how I said I was going to apprentice at an ice cream shop to

National Ice Cream Month

National Ice Cream Month The Greatest 31 Consecutive Days of the Year National Ice Cream month. A full 31 days that feel like they’re made for someone like me. A

April Post Apologies

Hello my very few faithful readers! You might have noticed that there has only been one post during the month of April. You might have thought, “Was it an elaborate

Ice Cream King is Moving to Maine

Ice Cream King is Moving to Maine To Apprentice Under an Ice Cream Master Pretty much just what the title and sub title says. I’ll be driving from Los Angeles

Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen

Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen Coming to a DQ Near You On 3/20/2018 Breaking news. Stop the press. Hold the phone. Extra, fucking extra! Free ice cream is upon

A Letter To Ice Cream

A Letter To Ice Cream Happy Valentine’s Day And Thank You For All the Things Dear Ice Cream, From the first moment I met you, I knew we had something


Ice Cream Story Hasn’t Been Covered?

If there is a pending important story about ice cream that I have not covered, please let me know. It is of utmost importance that you tell me, so I can look into it, and cover this topic myself. I want to know everything about the kingdom I rule over, and all important developments within it. Feel free to make it over to my contact page, and drop me a line. This king would be eternally grateful for your service to the Kingdom of Ice Cream.