Ice Cream Flavor Reviews

Royal Reviews of the Ice Cream King

Sometimes you need to know more than just if a flavor is good or bad. How many times have you read an ice cream review where the texture is “creamy” and nothing more? Well no shit, it’s going to be creamy. It’s Ice CREAM after all! And while¬†certain sites (I’m looking at you Buzzfeed), can do an excellent job posting pictures of ice cream or comparing them to the emotions of actors in popular culture, it doesn’t always actually describe the taste/feel as intensely as they could. Therefore I felt it was my moral obligation to change this. I aim to create ice cream reviews that can incorporate the same level of intrigue/boredom killing as these other sites, but with a more in depth look into the flavor from the perspective of the written (or typed) word.

What types of ice cream do you review?

All the types! As stated before, I’ll mess around with ice creams, sherbets, gelati, sorbets, and more, but predominantly I will likely focus on ice cream. The reason for this is because it’s the most abundantly available, and kind of the central theme of this website. Furthermore, These will include both flavors from ice cream shops, as well as pints you can buy in stores. Will you include ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches? You bet your bippy I will! How about ice creams paired with alcohol? That is a hard… maybe. I mean, if there is a good liqueur to pair it with, or if there is a strong recommendation for it to be reviewed, I will do what I can to make it happen. All in all, there are many ways to enjoy ice cream, and while we don’t want to limit ourselves with just a single type of coverage, please know that the world of ice cream is expansive; in fact it is so expansive that it will take an entire lifetime just to scratch the surface, trying as many ice cream flavors as possible. So let’s begin now…

Long Beach Creamery – Strawnana Dreamsicle

Long Beach Creamery – Strawnana Dreamsicle Long Beach Ice Cream Duo Located in the town of Snoop Dogg and Sublime, Nickolas Cage and Cameron Diaz, and more athletes than I

Gelato Fiasco – Torched Marshmallows S’more

Gelato Fiasco – Torched Marshmallows S’more Maine Gelato For Home Consumption I’m a fan of the ice cream shop known as Gelato Fiasco. They’re one of the home town heroes

Little Baby’s – Ranch

Little Baby’s – Ranch One of the Top 5 Worst Flavors Ah, yes. Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The ice cream shop of Philedelphia whose creative bounds truely know no limits.

Salt & Straw – Gingersnap Cookie Dough & Coffee Cashew Praline

Salt & Straw – Gingersnap & Coffee Cashew Praline Two Flavors Blending Together Two Salt & Straw Reviews within a few weeks of each other? The outrage! Remember how in

Cliff’s Dairy Maid – Huckleberry Buckle

Cliff’s Dairy Maid – Huckleberry Buckle New Jersey Highway Ice Cream Along a lush green highway in New Jersey is the ice cream stand known as Cliff’s Dairy Maid. This

Ben & Jerry’s – Chillin’ the Roast Truffles

Ben & Jerry’s – Chillin’ the Roast Truffles Because… Truffles As well all know, Ben & Jerry’s has a swath of flavors that change with every year, and while some


Missing A Flavor?

If there’s a flavor out there that you think I would benefit from reviewing, please let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting flavors to try, so feel free to reach out. You can reach me via email at, or by filling out the form on my contact page. I look forward to spooning through your suggestions soon!