Welcome to the Kingdom of Ice Cream (Where I am the Ice Cream King)

Here we taste, indulge, and enjoy all ice creams- regardless of their ingredients or heritage

Friends! We are living in a Golden Age of ice cream. Never before has there been such a bountiful variety and quality of ice cream set before us. Let us all revel together in the greatness of ice cream and all it’s related chilled sweet creamy desserts!

…So What’s This Ice Cream Blog About?

In this blog, I’ll be covering all things “ice cream”. Now some of you may have noticed there are quotes around ice cream in the previous sentence, and are perhaps wondering why I did that. Excellent observation.

You see, I use “ice cream” as more of an umbrella term to cover most chilled spoonable desserts, and I have an hankering to taste and review each and every one. For all are welcome in the Ice Cream Kingdom, and it would be rather dastardly and shameful of me as a king to turn down a dessert based on some superficial qualities like milk fat to cream content. So in this blog, I won’t just be reviewing traditional ice creams, but sherbets, sorbets, gelati(plural of gelato), and frozen custards.

Furthermore, I will also be covering topics related to ice cream, including:

  • Industry Updates– Business updates about various ice cream shops, new freezing techniques for “ice cream”, etc.
  • Adventures– Like the time I went on an Ice Cream Cleanse, and chronicled my experience. Or, that time I quit my 9-5 job without financial prospects so I could travel the country and eat ice cream. Say what?! Yeah, that actually happened.
  • Momentary News– New and exciting promotions related to ice cream that only last for a limited time- like Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s, and stuff like that.
So Will You be Unbiased in Reviewing/Coverage?

Haha, of course not! I most certainly will be biased, and no, that is not a typo. Things like mood, sentimental attachment, atmosphere, customer service, and other intangibles, all play parts in determining if an ice cream is good or not. I’ve had mediocre flavors that were made exponentially better by the company I was with at the time. So while I do my best to taste these flavors and let you, the reader, know of any extra emotions, tastes, surprises, or nostalgia associated with an ice cream, keep in mind to take things with a single grain of salt. Hopefully you’ll appreciate this King’s honesty, as I believe in a transparent ice cream government- unlike other political figures you may know.

Wow, that took a weird turn. Did he just get political in an ice cream blog? Not really, since that can be said about all politicians. But you are right, this is a blog about ICE CREAM! It’s aimed to be fun, humorous, and hopefully slightly insightful when you might be wondering what flavor to try next.

Uh-huh… So Where Can I Read Your Ice Cream Stuff?!

Read below to see our latest ice cream posts, be them reviews, adventures, or news across the Ice Cream Kingdom. And prepare yourself for a fun, humorous, and hopefully insightful blog that will guide you forth on your own ice cream quest.

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Little Baby’s – Ranch

Little Baby’s – Ranch One of the Top 5 Worst Flavors Ah, yes. Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The ice cream shop of Philedelphia whose creative bounds truely know no limits.

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Salt & Straw – Gingersnap & Coffee Cashew Praline Two Flavors Blending Together Two Salt & Straw Reviews within a few weeks of each other? The outrage! Remember how in

Cliff’s Dairy Maid – Huckleberry Buckle

Cliff’s Dairy Maid – Huckleberry Buckle New Jersey Highway Ice Cream Along a lush green highway in New Jersey is the ice cream stand known as Cliff’s Dairy Maid. This

Got Questions For Me?

Well quite frankly, I’m not surprised. It’s not everyday you happen across a digital dessert royal figurehead. Feel free to reach out to me via email, or reach out to me on my contact page. I’ll talk to you soon!