Cold Stone – All Lovin’ No Oven

Cold Stone Creamery – All Lovin’ No Oven

Signature Flavor From Cold Stone Creamery

Because actually waiting for a dessert to bake is for suckers. When baking, the worst part is the oven wait. You can sift flower faster, you can beat eggs and stir the ingredients more quickly. What you can’t speed up, is the wait for your product to bake. It’s like “Geez, I had a hankering for something baked, but this is taking FOREVER, and now my hankering is gone!” And this happens time and time again, be it fudge, cookies, or cakes. Now Cold Stone understands this issue, and flips the problem on it’s head. They say nay-nay. You don’t have to wait for these to finish baking- in fact, you can just start mixing your fixings together and call it a day. This is precisely what they did for All Lovin No Oven. By omitting the baking process, Cold Stone offers cake batter (ice cream), cookie dough, and fudge, all in their pre-baked form, and combines them in a cool and ultra-creamy vortex of baked good awesomeness.

Now I will gladly admit this flavor can get a bit heavy. Most baked goods usually expand while in the oven, and since we obviously have no time to meddle with such tedious affairs, we get the same mass of baked good, condensed into a size that doesn’t make you feel guilty about eating it. So personally I’d mostly go for the like it or if you are a true enthusiast, maybe a love it of this signature creation. Because even at King level, a gotta have it will make you feel like lowkey hibernating for a few days like some Pooh Bear of ice cream.

Now going back to my engorging of this dessert, today’s rendition of All Lovin’ No Oven tasted even better than usual. The reason for this was probably because I was eating this ice cream with one of my coworker’s kids. You see, she had offered to buy me ice cream as a partial belated birthday present and when I gladly accepted, she said great, my kids are coming too! So as a group we all got Cold Stone ice cream together and I believe this is why it tasted so good. Ice cream is certainly a dessert you can eat by yourself, but when you are together with people, especially kids, there is just something magical about everyone’s joy that makes your flavor taste even better. The happiness and enthusiasm of a child devouring a delicious ice cream brings warm fuzzies to my heart as the Ice Cream King, and I rejoice in knowing the future of this dessert is safe. So thank you Nicole, and I hope your kids continue to enjoy the majestic dessert known as ice cream!


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