Cool Moon – Midnight Munchies

Cool Moon – Midnight Munchies

Coffee Ice Cream Hipster Place in Portland, OR

cool moon ice cream - outside sign
I forgot to take a picture of the ice cream…

One of the flavors I love due to it’s chaotic nature is the one called Midnight Munchies. This flavor changes its recipe every night, depending on how they make it. The process of creating such a flavor can be considered rudimentary, but genius.

Basically, whatever toppings they have a surplus of at the end of each night, they throw into a peanut butter base flavor, and call it a day. So things like pretzels, m&ms, heath bars, and so much more are all on the table, and kind of blend well in this peanut butter smörgåsbord flavor. It’s like if you were in Oregon consuming some reefer (as it is legal here), and got the munchies at, I don’t know, let’s say midnight; then threw a bunch of random things you knew were delicious together, in the hopes that some beautiful Frankenstein’s monster would be the end result. More often than not though, that result is delicious.

As for the flavor profile, the base is light, smooth, and creamy. It’s less intense than a Skippy, but holds enough peanut butter flavor to be called peanut butter. This is probably at optimal intensity, as you don’t want your peanut butter to be overpowering all your munchies, and with this, you can still taste the blended bitty assortment of pretzels, M&Ms, and what I believe to be Heath Bar bits. Altogether, it is a cool candy concoction of epicness, and a delight to indulge in.

With that said, there is also a downside to this beautiful monstrosity. By changing the recipe, it means that the flavor isn’t consistent. You could have an amazing munchies flavor one day, and then come back next week, only to have a different rendition that may or may not be just as mind blowing as it was the week before. I suppose a way to counteract this would be to inhale some of that sticky icky, as it will then taste amazing regardless. But for the purists/narcs of the world, this flavor can be something of a gamble. You can order this on different days of the week and receive anything between good and fantastic.

I both love and respect this novelty, but at the same time, It’s not the greatest for those who look for consistency.


For those interested in trying Midnight Munchies ice cream, Cool Moon is located at 1105 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209.



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