Franklin’s Fountain – Teaberry

Franklin’s Fountain – Teaberry

One of Philly’s Seemingly Oldest Ice Cream Establishments

Franklin's Fountain - Teaberry Ice Cream sampleLike the subtitle suggests, Franklin’s Fountain looks like it’s one of the oldest ice cream establishments in the city, and by virtue, the entire country. It has an old soda fountain motif, with old timey cash register and marble counter top to match. But believe it or not, this place was actually established in 2004, and merely looks like it’s been around since the early 1900s. Oh, the deception!

But feaux nostalgia aside, this place does have a real element of novelty to it. The ice creams are served in Chinese takeout containers, and ample servings of unusual flavors can be found at reasonable prices.

One unusual flavor that curiosity drove me to try, their Teaberry.

Teaberry Flavor Profile

What is a teaberry you ask? Great Question! And truthfully, I don’t know. But as for what it tasted like, I can definitely steer you in that direction with my descriptive wordsmithing and analogies below.

This tasted like Pepto-Bismol. That’s about it.

Need more? Fine….

This TEABERRY ice cream tasted like the upset stomach/hangover medicine, commonly referred to as Pepto-Bismol. Theres that sweet taste of pink, followed by a unmistakeable mellow medicine mint sort of flavor. It also tastes a little chalky- like when you add whey protein powder to anything, it’s just adds that wet powder kind of taste to it.

As far as texture goes, as you can see from my super imposed picture of the sample (yes, I was only willing to try someone elses, not get a full scoop myself), it’s not the creamiest ice cream out there. There’s a bit of icing going on, and while it’s not a ice block, there is a little bit of clumping that occurs from the cream reacting to whatever ingredient is mixed in (in this case, the teaberry).

That’s about it.  Not all my reviews are going to be novellas, and this here is a perfect example of just that.

Teaberry Conclusion

It’s a creamified Pepto-Bismol.


If you want to try Franklin’s Fountain for yourself, you can find them at: 116 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.




Tell Me I’m Wrong!

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