Good Humor – King Cone

Good Humor – King Cone

An Ice Cream Befitting of… Me

Good humor - King Cone - Vanilla Ice Cream Cone
Let’s be real. I don’t think anyone has ever gotten a King Cone that looks like this in the history of ever.

Ah yes, the King Cone. Made by Good Humor Inc. It’s the classic single serving, pre-packaged ice cream cone that can be found in nearly every 7/11, am/pm, and gas station from San Diego to Portland, Maine.

For those of you who are outraged that the title of King was given to an ice cream that is found in every gas station and most grocery stores, please do not be offended. I’m sure it was an ironic joke made in Good Humor (pun intended). Besides, not all kings are legendary/powerful beings. Perhaps it might be best to think of this king like you would the king of Bhutan or Liechtenstein. I bet you didn’t even know those two countries even had a king!

Now, onward to the King Cone breakdown.

King Cone Profile

This cone (while never featured as glamorously as the image to the left), features peanuts and hardened chocolate sauce over vanilla ice cream in a cone.

At its core, the King Cone is basically a sundae supported by circular waffle structure. And for those of you who have forgotten, it was back in the summer of 1889 (eight years after the invention of the sundae had spread across the country) when the youths of America banded together in unanimous agreement and proclaimed the sundae reigned supreme. This rendition may not be as high of quality as the fancy sundaes we see today, but it pays homage to the old king, and remembers its legacy now and forever.

So that said,  the shell is rubbery, the nuts are dominant, and neither the vanilla or the chocolate sauce even feel like true vanilla or chocolate sauce. The whole thing is thrown together by some machine, and is often on the verge of discombobulating by the time I open it.

So why is it that this cone somehow manages to move my heart? Why is it that I still can enjoy myself eating this cone?

It may have something to do with the way the ice cream comes off as a white more pure than snow. It may have something to do with the chocolate. How even though it’s somewhat off, falls right into place when and compliments the off vanilla ice cream. It may even have something to do with the rubbery shell that’s reminiscent of ChocoTacos in all their glory. Whatever the reason, I was satisfied to the last bite.

King Cone Conclusion

While there are many better flavors available today, I can respect the King Cone for what it has done- which is take the royal ice cream creation from the days of old, and package it into something that is widely available and accepted by the masses both rich and poor.

Overall the quality may not be as high as the other ice creams I’ve had, but I still found great pleasure in consuming this King Cone ice cream. And since it can be procured through many places around the country, it somewhat cheap on the per serving basis. So while it might not be my first choice of ice cream, if it’s available, I won’t turn my nose up at its “royal” majesty.



I would end this with a place where you can find these, but since they’re so common in gas stations, just head to your nearest one of those to find it.




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