Ice Cream Cafe – Caramel Apple

Ice Cream Cafe – Caramel Apple

Wyoming’s Naughty, but Welcome Ice Cream Surprise

Ice Cream Cafe - Caramel AppleSome of you may be reading the second header and wonder exactly WTF I mean when I describe it as a naughty surprise. Read on and you’ll find out.

I’m just going to come out and say it. I underestimated the state of Wyoming. I thought since they have the least population of any state in the country, they probably can’t keep around anyone who knows a damn thing about ice cream. I imagined they’d all leave for some place that actually had cities- you know, where your hopes and dreams live.

There’s a chance their ice cream might only be decent/above average, but because there was such a surprising disparity between my expectations and reality, I rate their ice cream extremely high.

As you can see, the caramel apple has an actual caramel swirl drizzled and infused into this ice cream. Its flavor is like the caramel apples you’d get at an old school Halloween fair, but far superior. The apple is tart, but not lip puckering sour, just the right balance in between- like a semi sour candy. And unlike the traditional caramel apple, the proportions are perfect. There is never a bite without both caramel and apple. When eating these in traditional format, you’d always get too much caramel in the beginning, and not enough at the end. Also, there’s no real trouble trying to bite into one of these (real caramel apples, not the ice cream). With this version, no caramel is getting stuck to your teeth, or bits of apple you need to floss out afterwards, just the seemingly perfect caramel apple, in ice cream form.

So how does any of this relate to naughty ice cream? Well, the ironic part is, the Ice Cream Cafe is designed as a really family friendly place. High school students work behind the counter, and babysitters/house moms alike bring the kids here for delightful ice cream at very reasonable prices. So the fact that I describe this very wholesome ice cream parlor as naughty is probably not what they would appreciate- but alas, such is the way the scoop melts.

So taking a lick, the ice cream is smooth, silky, and while firm, still gives way to the pressure of my oral skills enveloping this ice cream cone. The cool cream touches my lips, and I notice something. Because it’s so silky creamy, I almost attest that I was making out with a sexy, but cool elegant pair of lips. Like if an ice queen of some sort was coming onto me, I would not be able to resist her seduction, and would give way to the throws of passion. I would probably do dirty things with this anthropomorphic ice cream. I still lust after this incredible scoop, as it tempts and haunts me in my dreams at night. Quite naughty indeed.

Ice Cream Cafe Conclusion

So in conclusion, this ice cream is a perfect caramel apple embodiment of a slightly older Elsa from Frozen, who is also a titillating temptress with tremendous talent. In some ways, I almost don’t want to even go back; because for one, it’s Wyoming, and there’s still not much to do there. For two, I don’t want my memory of the hot but cool night we had together to be tarnished by reality.


Thoughts on that review?

Whether you think I’m some sort of ice cream perv now, or you want to send me a shout out for describing what may be the first erotic ice cream review know to man, it’s cool either way. Send me a message on the contact page, and I’ll be happy to read what you have to say. I will note that my ice cream reviews aren’t going to always take a sensual turn, but I will remain true to my thoughts and feelings at the time. If you want more proof, go back to the home page, and read one of my other recent reviews!


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