Ice Cream Journey Leg 1 complete

Sorry for the posting delay

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to write a quick little something as I just wrapped up the first leg of my cross country ice cream journey and quickly apologize as well.

In just 14 days, we managed to cross 11 states and over 5400 miles driving. I also managed to visit 27 ice cream shops, and taste/review 44 ice cream flavors (although some were used in conjunction with others as a second scoop). During this trip, I was eating ice cream an average of 2-3 times per day (minus one day that was strictly dedicated to driving). But what’s even more shocking, was throughout this journey, I managed to lose one pound in my total weight. Say what!?

Now before the health nuts go up in arms, yes, I know that my health probably has deteriorated somewhat and I could be malnourished. Yes, I have definitely lost muscle mass and definition (even though I never had a huge abundance of that to begin with). And yes, I am aware that muscle weighs more than fat. But still! Losing a pound while eating gobs and gobs of ice cream for two weeks is still mildly impressive!

As for the apology I eluded to at the beginning, since we were really only driving, eating, and sleeping the whole time, I found myself fairly exhausted in terms of finding time to actually sit down and write while not focusing on other things(like crashing the car, or helping my friend to stay awake so he doesn’t crash haha). As a result, I’ve become rather tardy in my posting reviews of said flavors; and for the few of you who are rigorously following my adventures and reviews (mostly my mom), I’ve gotten pretty far behind in my posting schedule.

Therefore, I will not be leaving on the next leg of my ice cream trip until I’ve managed to post all the reviews of flavors and notes I’ve accumulated thus far.

So hopefully you all aren’t waiting with baited breath, but you can definitely start seeing more flavor reviews in the near future.


Your Ice Cream King,

Daniel Zimmerman


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