The Ice Cream Quest

The Ice Cream Quest

My Cross Country Journey To Eat The Best Ice Creams

Call it a mission, call it my dream’s desire, but this year I’m taking my ice cream eating to the next level. So far I willingly admit that my ice cream reviews may have been a little lacking. Not necessarily content or description wise for the ice cream flavors, but in terms of flavors unique to specialty shops around the country. I have been somewhat limited to the ice cream vendors around me, and now I aim to change this. To go beyond reviewing just the local ice cream lords of Los Angeles, or the national giants that can be found in chain supermarkets around the country.

 So How Will Your Ice Cream Reviews Elevate to Higher Plains?

Good question. After a lot of reflection and review, I decided to leave my job and travel the country and indulge at the so called “best ice cream shops” around these states. 

A few of you might be thinking a few follow up questions in response to my announcement, which I’ve outlined the answers below:

  • Q: Are you serious?
    • A: Yes.
  • Q: No for reals, are you serious?
    • A: For realsies, yes.
  • Q: How will you compile your list of the best ice cream shops?
    • A: I’ve made my own list based off of a couple of different publications saying they’ve compiled the best ice cream spots in America. Alongside those, I’ve also taken recommendations from those close to me, and whose opinions I respect.
  • Q: What made you decide to do this?
    • A: I woke up one morning, and decided now is the time to do this, or else I’d always regret it, and wouldn’t be able to truly call myself the Ice Cream King if I didn’t.
  • Q: Are you sponsored by some news outlet?
    • A: Nope. As of right now, I’m funding the entire trip myself. I may stay with a few friends in cities I visit, but for the most part, I’ll be paying for everything with the money I have been saving up since I started working.
  • Q: Are you recording any of this in a vlog?
    • A: For the immediate future, no. I’m not talented enough at the moment for video editing, so I’d rather not just haphazardly throw some video on youtube merely for the sake of having a video component. If I do decide on it later down the road, it’s because I’ve found a way to efficiently and effectively pull it off.
  • Q: Well are there any other social media we should be following?
    • A: Absolutely! I will be attempting to catalog most photos of the journey on Instagram and Twitter, and as you might’ve guessed I’ll be updating my blog as well. My handle is @_kingoficecream on both IG & Twitter so please feel free to follow along in my journey!
  • Q: How long will you do this?
    • A: Until I’ve run out of places, or I run out of money- whichever comes first.
  • Q: When does it start?
    • A: Monday! I’ll be starting this journey as a road trip with a buddy of mine whose agreed to spend a few weeks coming along on this adventure of mine. We plan to hit up around 10 states and ~25 different ice cream shops in the span of just two-ish weeks. After that, I’ll be taking buses, trains, and possibly planes across this country.

Anyways, If you have any questions or suggestions of places to visit, please feel free to let me know. You can leave me a message on my contact page, or email me directly at Wish me luck, and I hope you follow along!


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