Long Beach Creamery – Strawnana Dreamsicle

Long Beach Creamery – Strawnana Dreamsicle

Long Beach Ice Cream Duo

Long Beach Creamery - Strawnana & Orange DreamsicleLocated in the town of Snoop Dogg and Sublime, Nickolas Cage and Cameron Diaz, and more athletes than I have have members on my family tree, the Long Beach Creamery stands alone as the single ice cream shop bearing this proud city’s name. So representing the entire town of Long Beach, this ice cream must be pretty damn spectacular, right?

Only one way to find out.

Read an ice cream blog discussing the flavors’ subtle nuances!

Kidding. I went to put my tongue to the test.

Strawnana Dreamsicle Flavor Profile.

I would like to be forthcoming right now in letting you know that this creation is actually a combination of two flavors: Stawnana (strawberry banana) and Dreamiscle (an orange creamsicle flavor). When combined, these two create a flavor whose something of the megazord of produce fruit ice creams.

The Strawnana is exactly what you’d expect; a strawberry banana almost ice cream smoothie. The Dreamsicle is what a creamsicle dreams it could be. Combining Valencia orange sorbet with a Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream creates a dual texture of ice and cream separately. The stronger orange citrus brings out the lighter citrus in the strawberries to create the ideal amount of sour. Then add in the lightness of the banana, and we end up with an idealized ice cream fruit salad.

The weak point of this ice cream would have to be its creaminess factor. Sadly I would have to rate its smoothness to be at par or maybe slightly below. It’s definitely not what you’d expect for a creamery with a 5 star yelp rating (with over 100 reviews). The sorbet part of the dreamsicle froze a little bit tougher/icier, so it wasn’t as soft as it could be. Ultimately, this could be a great ice creamery if they manage to fix this issue.

Strawnana Dreamsicle Flavor Conclusion

Overall this flavor was a great day to end the month, and I was satisfied with the ice cream tasted. From the kind service and their novel handmade flavors experienced here, the people of Long Beach can be proud of their creamery.



If you wish to seek out the Long Beach Creamery for yourself, you can find them at 4141 Long Beach Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90807, or, get them delivered directly to your door through GrubHub!


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