A Letter To Ice Cream

A Letter To Ice Cream

Happy Valentine’s Day And Thank You For All the Things

I heart I Cream
This photo is a lot more sexual than I initially anticipated it would be…

Dear Ice Cream,

From the first moment I met you, I knew we had something special. The cool sensation of softness to the lips is something I will always remember. Even though I wasn’t able to fully appreciate it, thinking about you even now, my eyes light up with desire. My brain thinks I’ve been hit by lightning. And in every instance, a quick flash comes to mind of that first time we met.

Ages 4-14, I spent time with you each and every day. Rain or shine, I made time to see you. This dedication is something I’m not sure I’ve practiced in any other aspect of my life, aside from with you.

In high school, I’ll admit I wasn’t as loyal, and messed around with popcorn and cookies more often than I spent time with you. I’d see you on the side, and thankfully you were never jealous. Looking back at it now, I could tell you knew I’d come running back.

During college, we reconnected like old friends. This was just as I was starting to find myself as a human being. It’s strange to think that while growing as an individual with new perspectives, I returned to an old facet of my former self. The difference was this time I was able to see you through newly gained perspectives and outlooks on life. I wasn’t with you simply because it’s what my parents had put in the freezer; I returned to you of my own volition. I returned with ideas and insight that belonged to me and me alone. From that moment forward it was my choice to be with you, and my choice to stay.

Starting in the final summer of college, during national ice cream month we became closer than ever. I’d spend pints of time with you on any given day. And what started out as a small joke, turned into a love for the ages. It probably was this moment I knew this small flame of passion would soon turn into a roaring inferno. I dubbed myself the “Self-proclaimed Ice Cream King”, and over time, others began to see how serious my passion was. I soon stopped becoming self-proclaimed. As others began to recognize my love, they proclaimed me king as well.

After a few more years of pussyfooting around, I decided to leave my great job- benefits and all, to be with you. I decided to travel the country with you, and experience your greatness, from all walks of life.

Throughout my time traveling, I will admit that it has not been easy for me. I left a solid job with benefits, all for the sake of pursing my relationship with you further. There have been times when I’ve been exhausted from traveling. The people I meet are great, but there is a limit to certain elements of traveling that can wear on even seasoned veterans of the road. Things like: hours spent on a bus, number of times listening to the same Top 40 songs, and the number of times I had to explain the same story of us.

Throughout all the drain, both mental and physical, and throughout all the changes, in both landscape and people, one thing remained constant. You. It was you, ice cream, that gave me focus as exhaustion overtook my body and I began to lose sight of my purpose. You, that remained by my side, as everything else changed when entering a new city. It was this reliability that I held onto, and what helped to push me through the long days on the road.

Like a married couple that have been together for over two decades, I am still in love with you, and my love only grows deeper with each passing day. Every new adventure and every new flavor, I find out another reason to love you more.

The moment I tried you with alcohol infused, my thought was, “Look at this naughty one. I didn’t know you had this side to you. I absolutely love it!”

The times when you’ve been dressed up in sprinkles, cereal bits, and the scores of other toppings, I think to myself, “You don’t have to wear that stuff if you don’t want to. I’d love you no matter what.” Keeping that in mind, I think again, “But, I do realize that you do this is for you. You do this to look good and feel good on Instagram, and I’m just lucky to bask in your presence for another moment.” I don’t care if you’re dressed up, or plain and bare, as every way is just another side of you to love, respect, and appreciate.

I’ve been to a lot of places, and seen you in so many different lights. I look forward to the many adventures we spend together, and I look forward to even more decades of growing deeper together.

May the scoops be creamy, may the scoops be cold. May our time together continue, until I grow old.



Daniel “King of Ice Cream” Zimmerman





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