Milk & Cream – Salted Caramel Doughnut Ice Cream

Milk & Cream – Salted Caramel Milk & Cream Bun

Doughn’t forget about Desserts in Dallas, TX

Milk and Cream - Salted Caramel Doughnut Ice Cream sandwich with cinnamon toast crunch toppingThe combination of hot and cold is something vexing, intriguing, and downright salivating. And in this post, much like the work produced at Milk & Cream, I feel like my interpretation of this is both warm and cold. But before all that, let me take a moment to talk about the business that is Milk & Cream.

Located in Dallas, TX, Milk & Cream is an ice cream shop that offers a certain trendy signature creation called the Milk & Cream Bun. It’s pretty much when you cut a donut along the transverse plane, and place ice cream and other goodies in the middle. In recent years, this has become one of the trends in the world of ice cream, and can be found at similar places like Afters, Stuffed, Holey Cream, and more.

So walking in, I tell the man to inform me of the best ice cream donut combinations available, and he tells me the following two: french lavender, and salted caramel. He says these are pretty much the best representations of Milk and Cream. I taste the french lavender, and in the moment it touches my tongue, I knew… that Salted Caramel was the one for me. I didn’t even need to try it. I just knew that floral donuts with cereal bits would likely result in disappointment.

Salted Caramel Milk & Cream Bun

So for $6, the Milk & Cream bun consists of three things: two fluffy haves of a donut, what looks like a generous schmear of whatever ice cream flavor, and some secondary topping to bring the whole thing together. In this case, I went with a standard glazed donut, salted caramel ice cream, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (CTC) topping (per the man’s recommendation). Let’s just say I think he made the right choice. I mean look at this beast. The glaze isn’t too heavy to overpower the ice cream, there are ample pieces of CTC, and the ice cream is so soft, it almost more closely resembles a frosting or custard filling of said donut. As a whole, it’s beautiful. I take a bite, and just like how if you go in an outdoor hot tub during a snowfall, you are equally, wonderfully, warm and cold at the same time. For those who said you can’t have it both ways, clearly have never experience the majesty of a Milk & Cream Bun.

That said, nothing is perfect. Remember how I said I’d be both hot and cold in the review, well here is where the transition is. Let me nitpick now all the flaws of the Milk & Cream Bun, that I really enjoyed.

For one, the CTC pieces and be a little intrusive and disrupt from the whole super soft theme they got going on. Their donuts are in the realm of Krispy Kreme softness, and then these bits of beloved cereal absolutely wreck the soft consistency that was just felt in my mouth. Like finding that piece of gristle in a piece of chicken, the cereal here almost feels like that inedible piece of cartilage that gets in between you and succulent chicken goodness.

Secondly, the level of sweetness is borderline too sweet. It completely overpowers the salty aspect of the salted caramel. It’s almost like, what’s the point of using salted caramel then, when all you’re going to taste is regular caramel. Salted caramel is great in that it’s a representation of both salt and sweet joining forces together in a complex dichotomy that utilizes two different parts of the tongue. Here it’s really just caramel, cinnamon sugar, and glazed sugar, and fluffy donut starch. No salt to be found anywhere, and even though I do like regular caramels from time to time, I felt like it’s missing one of the key ingredients I was sold on. It’d be like if I ordered a sampler platter of wings, and only got the original recipe. Sure the original is great, but I wanted something… more.

Salted Caramel Milk & Cream Bun Conclusion

Love it? Hate it? Hot? Cold? What’s the verdict?

Oh, if it were only that simple. I do love the use of heat and cool aspects here, along with the soft donut delivery system that was neither overly sugary or starchy. That said, even though lavender and salted caramel are the number one and two respective Milk & Cream Bun choices, I’d suggest you try a combination of your own. There are a lot of good flavors and toppings to try, and I think you the reader might be able to pull off something better than the heads of corporate here.

Basically, I like the place, concept, and price, but I wasn’t thrilled with the recommended choices.


You can find this Instagramable AF ice cream establishment at 5420 Ross Ave Ste 160, Dallas, TX 75206.



Try your own Milk & Cream Bun and tell me your verdict!

As you can see, I really wanted to like the place, but it just had something missing from it. Therefore, I’d like any of you in the area who are down to try this place, go off menu and invent a Milk & Cream Bun of your own! Then if you feel your creation is worthy, let me know so I can give them another shot using your invention. Leave me a message on my contact page, and I’ll respond to your idea the moment I am able. I look forward to hearing your inventions soon!


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