Puritan – Baklava

Puritan – Baklava

Puritan Ice Cream - BaklavaLocated in Manchester, NH, the biggest claim to fame this ice cream shop has is that Adam Sandler frequents here from time to time. Other than that, it’s a resturant first and foremost, with an ice cream shop affixed to the side of the building. It’s not exactly on the list of best ice cream in New Hampshire, but while I was visiting here, this lovely lesbian couple I was staying with recommended it to me. And as it was within walking distance of their abode, the three of us set off on an adventure to get some ice cream from there.

At some point during the walk, one of my hosts called this excursion the “lesbain splash.” I don’t entirely remember the context, but for some reason we were all dying from laughter, so this likely impacted my ability to taste due to my fortuitous mood. And from the recommendation of my newfound friends, they were inclined to recommend the baklava flavor.

Baklava Flavor Profile

We’re looking at a vanilla base with crumbled up baklava mixed throughout. And for those of you who have never tried this mediterainian masterpiece, but are wondering where they’ve heard the word baklava before, it was probably from Aladin or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Baklava is a mediteranian/middle eastern dessert that uses filo dough (a super flakey/crumbly starch), honey, and some sort of nut (usually pistachio), to make a dessert that is equal parts sweet and nutty, and 100% messy.

So you take awesomeness describe above, crumble it up, and throw it into ice cream. How can this not be phenomenal?

Will I say that I was almost on my back, lava flowing in orgasm? For the wordplay, yes. Yes I would. I was seriously blissful. Vanilla is already a wonderfully light base, and when throwing some honey on top, it’s like a sweet little tongue tickle that gives the warm fuzzies. Then you have the flaky filo of a high end pastry and some nutty pistachios to bring about a greater depth to the whole thing and it’s remarkable to say the least.

If I can be a nitpicky little pansy for a second though, I’ll admit it wasn’t perfect. Because the filo dough is so light and flaky to begin with, when sitting in the ice cream and frozen for an extended period of time, it can cause the starch to become a little soggy during consumption.

In spite of the flaw noted above, I still absolutely destroyed that ice cream, and the fun atmosphere my lesbian hosts created beforehand made it elevate to even higher levels of ecstasy.

Baklava Ice Cream Conclusion

I liked it! It might have been a little messy, and a little moist, but the whole experience was extremely enjoyable and I’d do it again.


If you’d like to experience this Baklava ice cream for yourself, you can find them at: 245 Hooksett Rd, Manchester, NH 03104.



What Flavors Should I Try Next?

I’m always up for new suggestions, and as you can tell, distance is no object for me. Just let me know in the comments below or send me a message on my contact page, and I’ll be sure to put your flavor on my ever expanding list of flavors to try.


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