Purity – Bulldog Crunch Cookie Sundae

Purity – Bulldog Crunch Cookie Sundae

Cornell’s College Town Creamery

Purity Ice Cream - Bulldog Cookie Crunch Sundae
It’s so picturesque at first, but it wouldn’t do any good to miss out on the bulldog ice cream below the surface… Look at that beautiful messy morsel.

In the land of upstate New York lies the sleepy little town of Ithaca where some the nation’s best and brightest come to study at the prestigious Cornell University. When they aren’t studying though, so it feels like a substantial amount of people are eating ice cream. After talking to some people there, it became apparent to me was how many creameries and ice cream shops this small town has. And of all the various shops in town, the one that seemed to be bumping the most often with the local kids for the college was Purity Ice Cream.

Bulldog Cookie Crunch Sundae

Bulldog? Cookie? Sundae? That’s a hell of a lot to unpack in a single ice cream creation. [There’s also the crunch too, but you know… rule of threes]. At its core this sundae is comprised of a pralines ice cream base, mixed with chocolate pecans and a caramel swirl, doused in hot fudge, smothered in whipped cream, and given a cute little cherry to top it all off.

Sounds awesome right?

Wrong! Because we aren’t through yet. I didn’t even get to the cookie! So you take that whole thing I talked about: pecans, pralines, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, and then put that on top of a soft and warmed melting cookie- like a small town Pizookie sundae. Now that’s awesome.

And sweet butter crumpets, this sundae isn’t just the cat’s pajamas, these pajamas are for freaking lions. The ice cream is so heavy and thick, I love it. You better go in with an empty stomach and be ready for and intense food coma afterwards, otherwise you’re doing yourself a disservice.  Going back to the thickness for a sec, there’s just something about the ice cream around here that seems like it’s just richer than in other parts of the country.

In terms of flavor, the butter aspect from the pralines are definitely the hero in this sundae. It seems less like the other flavors support the pralines, and instead the pralines just do double dog duty distributing it’s dastardly delicious butter taste and delivering it into other ingredients as well. So the caramel swirl becomes a buttery salted caramel swirl. The hot fudge is not a warm and buttery hot fudge. It’s all amazing, and when it’s plopped on top of a warm cookie, this warm butter feeling is just amplified further into a league of it’s own. It’s practically the personification of Julia Child’s mantra: “More butter.”

Any downsides?

A few, but nothing that should prevent you from eating it. As I said before, it’s pretty damn heavy. Keep that in mind before ordering, otherwise you might fill up too fast, and you won’t find optimal enjoyment here.

Secondly, you may have noticed from the photo displaying a half eaten sundae on the right, if it’s not eaten entirely in six minutes, it’s turns into a swampy melty mess. The sundae cup does a great job at trapping the cookie heat, and distributing it evenly across the ice cream. As a result, the cookie and hot fudge melt the creams (both ice and whipped) into the hot mess you see above.

So what does the second point mean aside from the sundae not looking as Instagramable? It can be a little soupy towards the end and a little harder to spoon out. You know that feeling when you’re scraping the bottom of a bowl for the last remnants of your ice cream dessert. You do that here too, but there’s a good two spoon fulls of cream that can be consumed before you find yourself scraping at that bottom.

Bulldog Cookie Butter Crunch Sundae Conclusion

I’d like to think that even though I had a glowing review of this place, I was fair in assessing potential flaws of this creation. It tastes delicious, the buttery taste is spread through nicely, and there’s a pretty damn delightful melting cookie at the bottom! Sure, it may melt a bit and can put a grown man down from the itis in under an hour, but it’s still well worth the trip, and well worth an experience of your own.



Send Me Your Favorite Sundae Creations!

Aside from straight ice cream flavors, sundaes are practically in a league of their own. Sure, they’re a part of the ice cream kingdom, but there are so many different types and combinations that can be made due to an near limitless amount of toppings and combinations. But if you have a sundae creation of your own, or you know of a place that makes a supreme sundae, let me know! Send me a message on my contact page, and I’ll do what I can to find this sundae out and try it first hand.


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