Rococo Ice Cream Ranked #1

Rococo Ice Cream Ranked #1

In the Soolnua 2018 World Ice Cream Index

Hey Everyone!

Remember how I said I was going to apprentice at an ice cream shop to learn the secrets of the trade?

No? Well that’s cool I guess. If you wanna recap, you can totally read that quick update here.


You don’t want to read it? Ok, that’s cool too. To summarize the other post in a sentence or two: I went to apprentice at an ice cream shop in Maine in order to learn the secrets of the trade in terms of creating phenomenal ice cream as well as what it takes to run an ice cream business. And while I haven’t really divulged any of the secrets that I’ve learned here to you all, I totally have been soaking up knowledge like a Brawny paper towel after a toddler spills their juice.

So what does this all have to do with Ranking #1?

Great Question! And I’m totally getting to that.

So Rococo Ice Cream (the shop in Maine that I’m apprenticing at), was nominated in a global ice cream competition called the World Ice Cream Index. It’s a competition hosted by a company called Soolnua, in Ireland, and every year they have a competition called the World Ice Cream index to see which city and shop has the best ice cream game in the biz. Ice cream shops from all over Europe and the United States enter this competition with the hopes that they will be recognized for their outstanding ice cream and city.

And guess who has two thumbs and apprentices at a shop ranked #1?

Jim Halpert: This Guy Meme
Well, not Jim Halbert, but Me! The King of Ice Cream (as portrayed by John Krasinski)

It was me!

What Does All This Mean?

Great Question!

Basically Rococo Ice Cream is a global ice cream force to be reconed with. In the past, we’ve placed in ice cream competitions, been featured in national publications, and been reviewed as stellar by our peers. But now we (and yes, I say ‘we’ because I’ve apprenticed here), rank in the #1 spot!

On the flip side, this is something of a double edged sword. Rococo Ice Cream can’t rest on our Laurels now. We have to continue developing new ice cream flavors and improving on our core, so as to not bring shame to ourselves, our ice cream, or our competitors that we so mercilously destroyed.

Now what this means for me personally is a little different. To me, I believe this competition helps me to solidify my reign as the King of Ice Cream. If someone now questions my lineage, dedication to the dessert, or knowledge base about ice cream, I can ask them, “Well have YOU ever worked at a globally recognized ice cream shop and ranked #1 in the world? No? Then shut the hell up!”


All in all, this is a pretty damn big deal, and I’m proud to say I was a part of something this momentous.


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