Snowflake Shavery – Crunchy Cookie

Snowflake Shavery – Crunchy Cookie

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Snowflake Shavery - Crunchy Cookie
The shaved ice kind of looks like shredded chicken…

Snowflake Shavery is unlike the majority of ice cream places you been to before, and in fact, barely qualifies as ice cream, but still falls under my “ice cream umbrella” and what I define to be ice cream.

If you’re wondering how this can be, allow me to elaborate on the creations coming out of the Snowflake Shavery. The easiest way to describe it would be shaved-ice ice cream, but in reality this type of dessert is so much more than that. Taking some base flavor of cream, they freeze it into a giant frozen brick. Then upon ordering, the frozen block base is whittled down into the cup, and delightful toppings are added, forming whatever creation you desire.

The whole thing looks sizable, but can be eaten almost endlessly due to the amount of air in between each shaved flake of ice. When it melts, it transforms into cream, like a special snowflake that’s landed on your tongue after descending from the dairy heavens above. It’s pretty fucking magical.

Only downside? No samples…

Crunchy Cookie Creation

Crunchy Cookie is the name of one of their signature flavors, but in all honesty would be better off named something like graham central station. Seriously, when did Speculoos and graham crackers start to be synonymous with cookies? I mean, it’s a graham cracker. A cracker is not a cookie! Anyways, I digress.

Getting back to the flavor, it’s a graham cracker ice cream base, with bits of graham cracker mixed in, and then throw a little bit of chocolate sauce on top. Altogether, it’s a great combination of the light cinnamon graham cracker with chocolate, atop a super soft ice flake mound that makes snow cones feel like your eating sea urchins. Appearance wise, it honestly kind of looks like shredded chicken beneath the layer of toppings, but it doesn’t detract from the tastiness in any way, shape, or form.

What WILL detract from the tastiness is two things. The first would be how poorly the toppings spread across the entire dessert. You can see from the image above that there was never enough chocolate sauce for the whole thing, and after a few bites without the liquid chocolate, its absence is definitely felt. Some people will tell say, “Oh, well there’s simply never enough chocolate.” Here, that is truly the case, and if not layered in the creation, there should be at least double the amount drizzled. Screw aesthetics for a second, we just need more chocolate to balance out the graham crackers.

The second part that detracts from the overall greatness is something of a double edged sword and depends on where you stand with the whole “only kind of ice cream” ice cream. As it’s actually ice shavings inside, the cream does taste a little watered down. So if you’re expecting a rich ice cream taste, a little bit of disappointment may be headed your way. The upside is that this subtle downplay of the flavor does make this less fatty, and hold fewer calories (at least that’s what the dude at the counter told me, even though he was unsure about exact calorie counts). So if you’re looking for a healthy ice cream alternative and know what you’re getting into flavor wise, this weakness actually becomes a strength.

Crunchy Cookie Conclusion

It’s pretty healthy, reasonably priced, and can be eaten in large abundance without feeling shitty afterwards. The downsides are that it’s missing real cookies, the chocolate sauce is minimal, and for those expecting traditional ice cream, it tastes watered down by comparison. I’d say it’s actually a pretty decent creation overall, and when you want something ice cream-esque, that won’t make you feel as guilty as ice cream goes- especially in Las Vegas (where everything makes you feel guilty), it’s a pretty great deal.


If you want to try Snowflake Shavery, head off the strip to 5020 Spring Mountain Rd #3, Las Vegas, NV 89146.



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