Sugar & Ice Creamery – Sweet Pea

Sugar & Ice Creamery- Sweet Pea

Top 5 Worst Flavors

Sugar & Ice - Sweet Pea Ice Cream with a waffle coneCongratulations to Sugar & Ice! They’ve made it into the historical top 5 worst ice cream flavors I’ve ever tried. Keep in mind that this list is continually updating and the Top 5 Worst Flavors badge will be stripped from them if someone else beats them.

To read on why this is one of the worst flavors, read on below.

Sweet Pea Flavor Profile

Sweet pea ice cream is one of those concepts that sounds great on social media or even in theory, but in practice it’s turns out just like Frankenstein’s monster.

“Let’s do a vegetable inspired flavor!” They say.

“It’ll get kids to start eating their vegetables!” The say.

These are simply the ramblings of a concerned health parent who doesn’t know when to bow out. At the very least, if you plan to make a healthy tasting flavor, make it taste good! Don’t make the good thing taste bad like its some form of petty revenge on a widely beloved dessert.

In terms of the flavor profile, it’s like a half mix between straight sweet cream, and then the frozen peas that you get from the grocery store. It’s not like these are fresh peas- no. These are the nasty ones that are served in school cafeterias along with carrots and will get thrown away by 100% of the student population. There’s a tiny taste of produce at the beginning, followed by a middle of straight cream. But when it finishes, it goes down your throat and leaves the most terrible pea aftertaste to linger and fester. I’m sorry did I say pea? I actually meant pee (metaphorically). Because at this point, it feels like they just urinated all over a dessert I love.

Is there anything redeeming about this?

Yes, the waffle cone. I found myself in favor of eating the freshly made waffle cone instead of the ice cream. To liken it to another dessert, that’s like seeing a dessert cart come by with all sorts of delicious goodies, and then choosing the fortune cookie without the fortune. Nobody likes the fortune cookie taste! It’s merely a vehicle to get to that sweet sweet fortune. It’s the same here. The cone is just the delivery system to get the ice cream it holds within. But in this circumstance, I found myself more intrigued with the packaging than the goods inside.

To elaborate on the wonderous waffle cone a little more, it was light, thin, and not too intrustive. In normal circumstances, it’d be perfect because it doesn’t have a potent flavor profile to muddle the purity of the ice cream. It would just be a simple, supporting character, one whose light sweet carb taste could pair with virtually any flavor. Also, according the scooper, they’re made fresh, so they have a nice slight bend with warmth eminating from them.

Overall the cone was the part of this experience that I enjoyed the most.

Sweet Pea Conclusion

In conclusion, this flavor takes the worst elements of healthy food and desserts and combines them together. The terrible taste of peas with none of the health benefits, and then adds in all the fattening aspects of ice cream, with little to none of the deliciousness. Sugar & Ice is a great family friendly establishment along a Barrington Highway, and they have some good standard flavors, but the sweet pea just isn’t one of them. Also, their waffle cones are pretty amazing.



If you are a bit of a masochist and want to find out if sweet pea is as bad as I say, Sugar & Ice Creamery is located at  146 Calef Hwy, Barrington, NH 03825.




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