Tipsy Scoop – Mango Margarita Sorbet

Tipsy Scoop – Mango Margarita Sorbet

Sweet Mango Margarita Alcoholic Sorbet of NYC

Tipsy Scoop - Mango Margarita Sorbet - Alcoholic ice cream

As far as cocktails go, margaritas are among the most delightful and festive there is. Whether it’s a birthday, Taco Tuesday, or simply happy hour, margaritas are always a good choice when celebrating, and they taste exceptionally better with good company. But how does this translate when in sorbet form? Good question. One that I had to see for myself.

Now some of you may recall in my earlier post about the full flight of flavors I received at Tipsy Scoop, I was simultaneously impressed and let down. I think that the mango margarita sorbet is kind of an excellent example of this.

Mango Margarita Assessment

The skinny of it is this flavor is good but not great. Of the entire flight, it might actually be the weakest.


I know… I just talked about how great margaritas are for basically any occasion, and then I have the audacity to slam this margarita sorbet? What gives? This is totally under the umbrella of ice cream too! If anything, it should get extra points!

*Heavy sigh

I feel your resentment through the computer screen, and if I didn’t explain, your resentment would be rightfully appropriate. But sadly there’s a little bit more going on here than what’s on the surface. Let me explain.

The Negatives

Ok, for starters so margaritas can already come blended, which is basically like a sorbet slushie. So all you’re doing here is making a blended margarita that can’t be consumed through a straw. But the drink-ability is not the real downside.

The real downside is the texture and consistency. Because alcohol has a lower freezing point, it’s really hard to make a scoopable alcoholic sorbet without it being too icy. I knew this going in, and I empathize with Tipsy Scoop. At the same time, this is their problem to overcome, and they didn’t overcome it. The sorbet had a crunchy icy consistency, like a poorly packed snow cone. There’s something off about this sorbet, and as I licked, it felt like my tongue was a face that was sliding down a snowy mountain route while snowboarding. What’s even worse is that this route would be classified as like a green. This should be a layup and I should be shredding and carving this thing up, but the overconfidence combined with the densely packed snow causes you to eat it, and then the face falls across the snow sandpaper that is the mountain trail for a few dozen feet. That’s what my tongue felt. In some ways it was kind of refreshing to bring me back down a peg, but it’s not what I was hoping for when I started this “trail”.

I noted that the consistency was a bi-product of alcohol having a lower freezing point. This means they couldn’t add as much of the tequila, which leads to problem number two. Lack of potency. It’s super weak, and I honestly don’t think I’d get drunk eating a quart of this. Granted, this was just a small 2.5 oz scoop, so perhaps there just wasn’t enough to feel anything. That said, if I’m coming to a place that claims to get you drunk eating ice cream, there should be more of a noticeable taste difference instead of just going on faith that this will eventually give me a buzz.

The Positives

Ok, so it’s not all bad. The taste was quite palatable. There’s this strong mango puree taste, that super sweet without tasting fake. Then at the end of each bite is a small kick. In fact, kick might be the wrong word. It was more like a small foot nudge. Yeah, it was like that. There was a small foot nudge at the end that had the sweet and sour mix/triple sec, that provides the small oomph in this flavor.

It doesn’t taste like alcohol at all in my opinion, so if you aren’t a fan of tequila, or hand sanitizer in your drinks, this might actually be good for you.

Mango Margarita Conclusion

At the end of the day, you’re looking at a harder, icier, less potent, and more expensive margarita. Forget about taste for a second too. Because the taste was actually pretty decent. A solid mango puree with a small kick at the end. Nice. It’s simple but tasty. But because of the texture and potency of the creation, I wasn’t terribly enthused with this ice cream.


If you’re still adamant about tasting the Mango Margarita Sorbet for yourself, Tipsy Scoop can be found at 217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010.



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