Country Creemee – Cheesecake

Country Creemee – Cheesecake

A Spoonful of Jelly Belly

Country Creemee - Cheesecake CreemeeThis will be a fairly short post, but a necessary addition in the ongoing quest to taste and review every flavor in the ever expanding kingdom of ice cream. I’d already reviewed a phenomenal creemee in Vermont that let me experience the pinnacle of this dessert, and in some ways, this shorter review will help to emphasize the greatness of the one prior.

Cheesecake Creemee Flavor Profile

It’s pretty much exactly like a cheesecake Jelly Belly. That’s it.

Whew, that was hard. Post ended.

I’m half joking here. To expand a little more on the above analysis, the flavor doesn’t really have the nuanced layered elements of a cheesecake, but everything is clumped together like it was a part of an extract. Much like when eating a Jelly Belly.

Jelly Belly and other candies rarely have the tasting approach that comes in waves. A regular cheesecake is a complex dessert. You can taste the cream cheese, the icing, whatever other addetives, and the crust elements all distinctly and on their own. But in a candy, everything is kinda melted together into one sweet, overarching flavor. That was totally the case here, and it just felt like I was getting a creamified candy, instead of a highfalutin dessert (on a college student budget) when eating this dessert.

It was…. *sigh*…. just ok.

If I had to choose between this and the cheesecake Jelly Belly it tasted like, it’d honestly be a toss-up between which one I choose. This is certainly sacriliage coming from the King of Ice Cream, I know. But that just goes to show how I truly felt about this flavor.

Cheesecake Creemee Conclusion

To reiterate the opening line of my flavor profile analysis, “It’s pretty much exactly like a cheesecake Jelly Belly.” It’s not bad, but I will say I was a bit disappointed seeing as how the candy version is certainly the Creemee’s equal. Creemees here are super cheap, so if you want a dessert on a budget, this might be a decent choice for you.


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