Kippy’s Ice Cream Cleanse

Los Angeles’ Actual Ice Cream Cleanse

From Kippy’s in Venice, CA

Since the dawn of diets, people have been wondering, “Is there a diet out there where I can eat what I want but lose weight?” And over time, people have invented variations of diets to accomplish this. In these variations you can eat certain foods that look and appear like your favorite comfort foods, but have been augmented so that they may help you lose weight.

Here in LA though, people don’t just diet, they go through an entire “cleanse” process. Now if you are wondering, well what’s the difference, it’s basically a shorter diet, but alongside the benefit of shaving a few pounds here and there, it’s supposed to flush out all of the unnatural toxic sludge plaguing your body. And by toxic sludge, most people in the cleanse world either refer to the phone book of chemicals listed in the ingredients section of many packaged foods, or any fast-food bi products clogging your arteries.

So here in the heart of LA’s hippy corner of Venice CA, lies a non-dairy, non GMO, vegan ice cream shop know as Kippy’s. And through some magical process, owner Kippy Miller has also created what may be known as the first “ice cream cleanse”.

So What is the Deal With Kippy’s Ice Cream Cleanse?

A few years back, I read an article from Gizmodo talking about a writer who also underwent the ice cream cleanse, and, while I might not be an original, I do think my take on the cleanse process was, and I was able to provide just as good of insight.

Anyways, the story goes is that owner Kippy Miller loved the idea of healthier ice creams, but hated the increasingly popular juice cleanse craze. The reason for this distaste is because even though she agreed with the idea of cleansing your body of toxins, they would often leave you unbalanced in your nutrition, which would create head aches, intense cravings, and could ultimately cause you to gain weight after the cleanse as people can overcompensate the strict dietary guidelines. So with all of this in mind, Kippy’s developed a cleanse of her own that would provide the same health benefits of a cleanse, while taking away the negative side effects, and all while using ice cream (or at least her version of it).

Now the cleanse lasts a total of 3 days, and during the cleanse, Owner Kippy Miller highly recommends exercising with hot yoga. While other options of exercise are available, the important idea to remember is that it’s this exercise that is helping you to sweat out your toxins; and without this exercise, the cleanse is not at its maximum effectiveness. You’ll certainly be pooping out some of the toxic sludge, but your body won’t be flushed of everything, and you likely won’t feel as refreshed after the cleanse is over.

As for the ice cream itself, it’s an ice cream made with coconut milk instead of dairy, and there are five different flavors you’re supposed to eat every day, each with it’s own intended applications in cleansing your body. The five flavors are:

  1. Morning: Blueberry yogurt
  2. Mid-Morning: Orange Creme
  3. Lunch: Himalayan Dark Salted Chocolate
  4. Afternoon Snack: Master Cleanse (Lemon & Cayenne)
  5. Dinner: Superfoods (Cinnamon, Honey, & Coconut Meat)

After reading everything above, you might be thinking, “Holy coconut! I’m totally ready to do this too!” But there are two key pieces of information I’ve left out so far. The first is price. Most healthy diets like this can cost a fair amount, but note that this 3 day cleanse can cost over $200 (last we checked it’s $199 + tax). Which sounds like a lot, but when you consider that it’s $200 for 15 meals as well as all the health benefits, it begins to seem far more reasonable.

The other key piece of information is availability. The ice cream cleanse is not offered year round, so you either have to do one of two things. 1)Email Kippy’s to find out when they are offering the cleanse, or 2) Go to Kippy’s, and get on your hands and knees while begging them to make you a special batch (I’ll let you guess which path I took).

Now I’ve just eluded to it above, but yes, I too undertook this ice cream challenge. Being the Ice Cream King, I felt it was my duty to also experience this cleanse in all its beauty, struggle, anguish, and glory.

You can begin to read about my experience in my 3 part series, starting with Day 1.

Also, if you want try the Ice Cream Cleanse for yourself, you can find Kippy’s Ice Cream at: 245 Main St #3d, Venice, CA 90291.


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