Peace Pie – Pecan Pie

Peace Pie – Pecan Pie

East Coast Pie Ice Cream

Peace Pie - Pecan Pie Ice Cream Sandwich
Probably the worst photo I’ve ever taken of Ice Cream in my life.

Ice cream and pie dessert categories creating babies together?  That’s so freaking adorable! You might even say… it’s the apple of my pie….

*crickets chirping

Puns aside, Peace Pie is a New Jersey based company that I ran into in Charleston, South Carolina. Their aim is to combine the deliciousness of pies in ice cream sandwiches in hope that it’ll bring about world peace.

The first creation Peace Pie ever made was the Pecan Pie ice cream sandwich. Obviously I have to go with their original signature creation, right?

Pecan Pie Profile

So here’s a little bit of less than good news before I get into the actual flavor. The ice creams aren’t exactly made on the spot, but are made the day before and shipped over to the store location.

What does this mean? Great question!

It basically means that since the ice cream sandwich is shipped, it has to be made with a certain amount of toughness to it, in order to survive transport. This means 1) no super soft ice cream, and 2) no super soft cookies. Luckily, this does provide a great upside. Robustness! The sandwich won’t discombobulate in your hands as you eat it like so many ice cream sandwiches are known to do (*Cough, cough, Ruby Jewel, Cough).

As for the pecan pie flavoring, it’s actually really pretty good. Once you get through the stale, knock-off Nilla Wafer cookie outside, reaching the promise land of ice cream and pecan pie filling is a reward unto itself. Like a caramel ribbon in pint of ice cream, the pecan pie filling has a different type of thickness in its consistency that separates and compliments the cool ice cream. It’s something between a taffy and jam like consistency wherein it’s clumpy like a jam, but still sticky and slightly chewy.

The sweetness of this filling is something not to be taken lightly. The nuttiness of the full pecans are offset by the honey-caramel tasting glue that holds the pie together. Both battle it out It’s about two steps away from becoming baklava, and when I close my eyes, It’s like a boxing match between nut and sugar going on. The pecans are throwing some strong uppercuts to get a foothold, but the unrelenting flurry of sweet jabs seem to overwhelm the base. Neither is a weak flavor, so in this fight for the future of  the flavor it is impossible to see who will come out on top. All this pecan pie flavor talk has got me winded, so I’ll take a second to step away.

Now some of you may have noticed something. I’ve been talking a lot about stale cookie crust and pie filling. What about the freaking ice cream?!?!

Oh I didn’t forget. But I’d be lying if I said the ice cream was the main attraction here. So this is where it’s either amazing or a let down, depending on how you look at it. The ice cream is vanilla. Just a simple vanilla. It’s so light that it doesn’t come out as super prominent in the flavor profile of the rest of ice cream sandwich. Despite the fact that there’s about three times as much ice cream as pecan pie filling, it’s still not that prominent. So you might be thinking, wow, this is amazing for being so nuanced in it’s support of the real flavor coming from the pie filling. Or, you might be thinking, WTF?!? I came for an ICE CREAM sandwich. And if I can’t taste the ice cream, then the whole thing is ruined.

Truthfully, I had both of these reactions at the beginning. Because while I did enjoy the taste of the pie filling, I felt a little robbed of my ice cream flavor presence, despite the large quantities.

Pecan Pie Conclusion

I like the pecan pie filling. It’s delicious. I’m not decided on how I feel about the simple vanilla. The cookie crust? It’s stale, bland, and wack. So altogether…. A-ok! Would I be going back to Charleston just for this ice cream sandwich? No. Certainly not. But if a homie brought me back one from a trip, would I eat it? Hells to the yeah I would.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is…. try to get it for free from a friend.



If you need to go to Charleston and try it from the same shop I did, I won’t stop you. It’s located at 223 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401.




Tell Me Your Best Ice Cream Sandwich

If we’re being completely honest, ice cream sandwiches seem simple, but can be surprisingly complex (as demonstrated above). So if you think you’ve found the end all be all of ice cream sandwiches, I would certainly like to hear it. Either leave a comment below, or send me a message on my contact page. I hope to hear from you soon!


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