Salt & Straw – Gingersnap Cookie Dough & Coffee Cashew Praline

Salt & Straw – Gingersnap & Coffee Cashew Praline

Two Flavors Blending Together

Salt & Straw - Gingersnap Cookie Dough and Coffee Cashew Praline Ice Cream Cone
For those wondering the gingersnap is on the bottom while the coffee cashew praline is on top.

Two Salt & Straw Reviews within a few weeks of each other? The outrage!

Remember how in my last Salt & Straw post I said Sweet Potato Casserole was the perfect embodiment of fall after Pumpkin Spice? Well that was a lie. Because THIS flavor would certainly give both of those fall flavors a run for their money. And even though gingersnaps often fall more under the perview of winter, the taste still screams fall to me- especially when you add in the coffee element.

To see how the flavors play out, read on below.

Gingersnap Cookie Dough & Coffee Cashew Praline Flavor Profiles

Ok, so this cone consists of two flavors working in tandem with one another, and the result is something worth far more than the sum of its parts.

Coffee Cashew Praline

Let’s start with the coffee. It’s a light coffee base, and the cashew praline gives the nutty sweetness that shouldn’t be understated. In essence, were looking at the derivative of a caramel machiato. I say derivative because it’s nowhere near as intense as the original version in its liquid form. This version is softer in potency as its reigned in from the cream. So imagine ordering a caramel machiato from your local coffee shop, and then asking for extra cream so you don’t get too much of that caffine stuff.

Gingersnap Cookie Dough

Ah yes, gingersnap cookies. A staple of Christmas in my household, and probably the only recipe in our household that has been passed down through multiple generations. As a result, I am often something of a critic of these types of flavors because they always have to live up to great, great Nana’s recipe from the ‘old counry.’ The intensity of ginger, clove, molassey brown sugar all working together tasting sweet and delicious. The way the cookie breaks apart when split in half has a crumbling snap that’s second only to the satisfying crunch of a good potato chip. What’s more, is that I’ve tried to incorporate Nana’s delicious cookies into ice cream before, and honestly, been a little disappointed. So I know that

Ice Creams Together

So between the coffee derivative, and the cookies that can’t possibly live up to Nana’s cookies, guess how this ice cream tastes.

Have your guess ready?



Excuse me?


Come again?

It tastes absolutely incredible.

For those of you wondering how or why this is the case, it’s because when two flavors come together, they are inherintly worth more than the sum of their parts. Sure, the coffee isn’t super strong. And the cookie dough isn’t crisp like Nana’s, but these are both part of what makes the entire experience so good. The malleable dough of the cookies is exactly what’s needed for ice cream. If it were too hard, then the cream would likely freeze it, forming both ice crystals, or worse, icicles that would impale the roof of your mouth during consumption. And the coffee? If it was any stronger, it would drown out the buttery sweetness of the cashew praline. Or it would prevent the gingersnap cookie dough from enhancing it to it’s highest level. The only way this could be as good as it was, was if the parts that made up the entire thing were willing to be mildly handicapped alone.

Coffee Cashew & Gingersnap Cookie Dough Conclusion

Despite what looks likes weaknesses on the surface, the whole flavor comes together in a way that makes the entire flavor superior overall.



If you want to come to Downtown Disney in Anaheim and try this for yourself, their shop’s address is 1550 Disneyland Dr. E, #103A, Anaheim, CA 92802.




Let Me Know Your Favorite Coffee Flavors

Not only do I want to know your favorite coffee flavors, I also want to know where you get them. I’ll admit I’m not a coffee expert, but I do love a cup of ice cream simulating a cup of joe. If you have a coffee ice cream you fancy, let me know in the comments below, or by sending me a message on my contact page. I look forward to trying your recommendation soon!



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