Skinny Cow – Oh Fudge Cookie

Skinny Cow – Oh Fudge Cookie

Oh Fudge is Right

Skinny cow - Oh fudge cookie - ice cream pintNow some of you will remember that recently I did a review of Skinny Cow’s Mint Chip. This is the exact same concept, but with fudge involved. It has 370 calories and 22g of protein in each container. These stats are a little bit lower than the mint chip, but are still well above average when it comes to standard  grocery store pints of ice cream.

Oh Fudge Flavor Profile

Let me start by saying I don’t really think there’s much fudge flavor going on here. There’s some feaux chocolate going on, but nothing that screams “I’m a soft and possibly gooey delicious chocolate morsel looking for love at a county fair blue ribbon competition.” If it was at that fair, it would get laughed out of the judging for missing the one fudge like quality that makes the dessert delicious- fudge.

So I started eating this, and despite the lack of chocolate, I was indeed slowly transported somewhere in the annals of my mind.

Many moons ago, I once studied abroad in Italy for a short winter semester. And while I was there, I found myself at the mercy of wheaties and cornflakes for my daily dose of cereal. Nothing fun or vibrant like the Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, or Apple Jacks I’d come accustomed to in the US. However, there was one Italian cereal that fought against the boring monotony. That cereal was Cioko Rice. It was a reminder of home, and even though it was a blatant knockoff of Cocoa Krispies, it still put forth an effort to be the chocolaty-sweet, morning sugar rush, breakfast cereal I longed for. But because it was a knockoff, something about it just tasted… off.

This ice cream was the embodiment of that experience. In the vast depths of ice creams that are healthy, a lone brand fights to bring sweetness back into the healthy conversation. And while it’s a welcome idea, the execution isn’t the exact flavor they were shooting for in their replication. If I had to put better context to the flavor profile here, I would say I guess it’s more ricey that normal cream. Or maybe it was just too close to skim milk, and the base ice cream tasted like it was watered down somehow. This watered down trait also applies to the fudge. It’s not a strong fudge taste as all. And like I noted above, it’s kind of like a knock off extra ricey Cocoa Krispies. It certainly won’t win any chocolate awards, but it was a good effort.

Finally, like I always notice in low fat ice creams is the consistency. Without the fat, they tend to freeze hard, and turn into blocks of ice upon eating. And while Oh Fudge Cookie is no exception, it certainly does better than average in terms of low fat ice cream creaminess.

Oh Fudge Cookie Conclusion

Oh Fudge Cookie is low in calories, has a decent amount of protein, and they offer a flavor that sounds appetizing. It provides a good alternative for the health concious eater looking to indulge while not fall of the wagon of sorts. However, in the end, if you’re going to base them purely on the taste, then to me I’d say they’re a little bit watered down in their potency. It tastes like a knockoff Cocoa Krispies cereal, and the end result is decent at best.




Tell Me About Your Favorite Healthy Ice Creams!

Healthy ice creams are not easy to make pallatable, and while I don’t always agree with the result, I respect the effort put in. So if you think there’s a genuinely superior healthy ice cream out there, let me know and I’ll track it down so that I can review it. Simply message me on my contact page, or leave a comment below.



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