Tipsy Scoop – Cake Batter Vodka Martini

Tipsy Scoop – Cake Batter Vodka Martini

Not even sure what to say about this flavor

Tipsy Scoop - Cake Batter Vodka Martini alcoholic ice cream
This is probably the only flavor of the flight that should have the rainbow sprinkle rim.

If you’ve ever had a birthday in college and your friends are average to avid consumers of alcohol, there is a good chance you’ve tried some basic bitch cake batter vodka. Either your bros want to prank you and have you look like a bitch, or you’re a female and your friends are foolish bitches who think cake batter vodka would be “fun”. I myself have been to some college birthday parties that offered cake batter vodka, and partly for science/partly for peer pressure I may have consumed a shot or 12 of this spirit over the years. And in all those experiments the end result is often a treacherous hang over.

So when I found out that this spirit came around in ice cream form as well, once again, mostly for science, I had a shot or 12 of this spirit ice cream (in this case it was only one shot).

The Cake Batter Vodka Martini Experience

The good news is that the vodka isn’t strong. Let me rephrase that. The great, amazing, and downright glorious news is that the vodka flavor isn’t strong. Hallelujah. Because if I relate this back to my trauma(s) from college, I remember that is was this ungodly sweet spirit with a rubbing alcohol finish. And something about that smell haunts my nose, and will upset my stomach in a way only a combination of harshly worded insults and ipecac can.

Fortunately this cake batter vodka ice cream is nothing like that. No rubbing alcohol burn that mixes in with ungodly sweet birthday cake sweetness. It’s more of a basic sweet cream base that has a side taste of cake mix blended in. And it’s closer to a yellow cake, so it’s fluffy, light, and just generally sweet.

Pretty awesome right?

Well actually, this presents an interesting psychological dilemma. Because if it’s so sweet, cakey, and delicious, do I really know that there is alcohol in it? Do I really know that this is going to get me a buzz when I can’t even taste anything remotely close to that which is needed to get me a inebriated?

It’s a real Catch 22 because I realize that I don’t want that particular alcoholic taste because then I’ll get that trauma from college. But without the notice of the trauma, how can I say this is what I ordered, because what I ordered has the subtext of the trauma taste…

I don’t think there really is a way to win here, and I’m just being difficult. It really is a tasty cake batter flavor though… just not so much for cake batter vodka.

Cake Batter Vodka Conclusion

Finally a good way to experience cake batter vodka. Only downside is I’m not sure if this is even vodka since it mostly just tastes like cake batter. Granted I still prefer this to actual cake batter vodka taste, but if you want some real alcohol flavor going on in your ice cream, this might not be the flavor for you.

What Are Your Opinions About Cake Batter Vodka?


If you’re looking to try the Cake Batter Vodka to find out if your own traumas are triggered, Tipsy Scoop can be found at 217 E 26th St, New York, NY 10010.



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