Toscanini’s – Habanero Mango Tequila

Toscanini’s – Mango Habanero Tequila

Boston’s Spicy Drink Inspired Dessert

Toscanini's - Mango Habanero Tequilla Ice Cream - located in Boston, MA

Going into Boston, there’s two shops that are on everyone’s lips. Toscanini’s and Christina’s. But mostly Toscanini’s. It’s a shop that’s trendy, safely unusual, and provides a light atmosphere that’s more like a coffee/coworking building than an ice cream shop.

What’s safely unusual, you ask? Great Question!

You know how when you want to be seen as “adventurous” but not quite venture into uncharted territories? It’s kind of like that. The cruise ship of culinary experiences. Going to an exotic land, but most activities are fully vetted and planned, so there’s not real sense of danger.

Anyways, getting back on track, I was a fan of the ample samples provided here, and one that stood out was the Mango Habanero Tequila.

Mango Habanero Tequila Flavor Profile

Let’s just skip ahead to the cool question chilling on everyone’s mind. Will the tequila here get you drunk or even buzzed?

No. It will not.

If you want to skip ahead that’s cool, but if you want to  still follow me down this tantalizing technically tequila rabbit hole, I thank you and appreciate you.

Texture wise, this ice cream is actually really creamy and surprisingly fluffy. So fluffy in fact, that I almost did a double take thinking this ice cream wasn’t from New England because I was able to spoon through it so easily. I’m thinking this might be a slight side effect of using tequila, as it can cause freezing temperatures to lower, and making the whole thing less of a solid.

Now getting into the flavor, let me just say, “Oh man. Spice? And tropical sweetness!? In an ice cream?!? Can I get a hells yes?!?!”

You can tell just by looking at it there’s an intense mango puree vibe going on that is super potent tasting. Like if they took a mango extract and then added it on top of a mango puree, this would be it. But behind this sweet and tropical goodness there’s a cute little fire. It might not be full on Charizard’s flamethrower, but it’s certainly a Charmander’s ember. There’s just the right amount of kick to feel the burn as the heat lingers in your throat. There’s not much tequila going on though, and because the mango is so intense, it’s more like a mango smoothie that had the rim lined with spice. A virgin mango margarita, if you will.

So… it’s no good then, since it lacks the advertised alcohol?

NO! It’s still insanely delicious. The mango is strong, and when it’s offset by the hint of spice, it’s an absolute delight. The transition between sweet and spice isn’t too drastic, and will play to both parts of the pallate well. The only caveat is, because the mango IS so strong, it will likely drown out a fair bit of the agave taste coming from the tequila. And because it doesn’t have any where near enough alochol in it, the inebriation effects that come alongside tequila will not be used as evidence either.

Toscanini’s Conclusion

I think it’s pretty easy to see that I am a fan of Mango Habanero Tequila ice cream. It’s tropical fruit mixed with a hint of spice in a way that is cute, but with a light kick in the shins. It’s certainly in the realm of safely unusual, and it’s super fun to eat. Just remember, go in with low expectations for tequila taste, and you won’t be dissapointed.


If  you want to try out Toscanini’s go to 159 First St, Cambridge, MA 02142



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