50 Licks – Pirate (21+)

50 Licks – Pirate (21+)

Ice Cream You’re Carded to Taste in Portland, OR

Pirate Ice Cream from 50 Licks in Portland, OR served in a bowl with a spoonBefore I get into the flavors, let me just note that 50 licks may just be  the most underrated ice cream shop in all of Portland. With heavy hitters like Ruby Jewel and Salt and Straw located in the same town, it’s easy to overlook this fantastic creamery.

Providing bowls of ice cream with metal spoons, it’s easy to think they’re skimping on the scoops since they can look small by comparison. But in reality, they are no smaller than the hundreds of boutique creameries all around the country. It’s still around four ounces for a single scoop, and the flavor packed within those four ounces is fairly intense.

Pirate Ice Cream

Pirate Ice Cream is one of the greatest, if not the greatest vegan ice cream I’ve ever had (sorry Ms. Kippy, no offense to you or the ice cream cleanse). Despite its vegan handicap (yes, I’m sorry vegans, but regular ice cream is plain and simple, better), this is an excellent creation that has a taste and feel of standard ice cream. No excessive clumping, no iciness, and no grit that might come from a separation of coconut milk and water. It has a complex flavor that is like a take on banana foster. The dark rum and caramelized sugar have a strong brown sugar molasses taste that compliments the strength of the banana nicely. The banana may be a lighter flavor normally, but it certainly doesn’t take a back seat. No, in fact, it supports the caramelized molasses sugar in a way that is hard to describe. Throw in a small bit of kick from the rum, and yo ho ho mofo! You got yourself some pirate.

If this ice cream was a character in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, this flavor would be Jack Sparrow- excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow. Underrated by everyone who looks at him, but extraordinary in its own pirate way. It does things you think not possible, like being good despite its vegan characteristics, and once you’re through, you find yourself drunk and wondering, “Why’s the ice cream gone!?!?” Ok, so you might not be drunk seeing as how there wasn’t that much rum in it. But still, I seriously found myself wanting more than just the tiny scoop in the bowl, which is probably what lead to the disappointing Pirates of the Carribeans two and three… Wait, I think I’m mixing ups metaphors here.

Pirate Ice Cream Conclusion:

It’s a delicious and underrated ice cream. Its flavor profile consists of brown sugar/molasses, bananas foster, and enough rum to card patrons. Only downside is there isn’t enough. It’s served in an over sized bowl, with a household spoon, and it feels like you can only really get four good spoonfuls out of it. It makes the PTQ ratio a little worse for wear, but it’s still novel and delicious enough to warrant a scoop if you’re in the area.


If you want to experience 50 licks of ice cream goodness at 50 Licks, you can find them at 2021 SE Clinton St #101, Portland, OR 97202.



Tell Me About Your Favorite Alcoholic Ice Cream!

I believe that alcoholic ice cream is one of the great waves of the ice cream future. That said, as it’s kind of seriously regulated, I think this is a partial inhibitor as to why we don’t see more of these parlors around. If you happen to come across an alcoholic ice cream shop you enjoy (as in alcoholic enough to card people), please let me know! I want to see what other places are doing in this regard, and would be happy to hear your thoughts. Leave me a message on my contact page!


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