The House Boozy Ice Cream Flight

The House Boozy Ice Cream Flight

The Most Potent Alcohol Ice Cream I’ve Ever Had

The House Boozy Ice Cream Flight
That is the half grin of a man whose starting to feel a buzz after consuming alcohol ice cream

A toddy for the body, indulging in the sauce, sipping on mommy’s medicine,  or whatever euphemism you want to use for consuming alcohol. Here at The House in San Antonio, TX, the alcohol is infused into the ice cream, and never cooked off- allowing for the chance to actually get a buzz going while eating ice cream!

Most of the time for flavors like bourbon vanilla or a rum raisin, the alcohol is completely cooked off, so there is no chance an unsuspecting child gets inebriated from consuming this dessert. However, for places like House, the intent is the exact opposite. To give good people the potential to enjoy both alcohol and ice cream simultaneously. Please note, this is NO PLACE FOR CHILDREN. In fact, they are actually classified as a bar that serves ice cream. This means you’re carded when you walk in, and no ice cream can be eaten outside the premises as it would violate open container laws in the city.

Getting back to singing the praises of this place, House is easily the most potent alcohol ice cream I’ve ever consumed. More that 50 Licks in Portland, more than Milk Jam in Minneapolis, MN, and more than Tipsy Scoop in New York. The shop has a handful of rotating flavors that he swaps out as soon as a tub runs empty- and only holds five alcoholic flavors on any given day, with another five available for those not looking to indulge to heavily. So there’s something for everyone!

Furthermore, the owner is this super nice grandpa like dude with a gnarly billy goat’s gruff beard. What’s more, like some 1950’s romanticized bartender, the owner takes the time to talk to you while your eat-drinking, listening to whatever’s on your mind, all while cleaning the counter with a bar rag. He seemed genuinely interested in his patron’s thoughts, and explicitly asked for my thoughts on the boozy ice cream. Here is an owner who not only cares about his customers, but he cares about his business to take critique in stride. I was way impressed, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just because of the alcohol too.

The 5 Boozy Flavors in Flight

Now like I mentioned above, there are 5 alcoholic flavors available on any given day. That said, a flight of flavors here only contains four ice creams. This means, unless you pull a few strings, you’ll be missing out on flavor. What’s worse, there’re no samples for alcoholic ice cream. Word to the wise, choose carefully, and think about which alcohols might go well together too. You don’t want to create an unintentional ice cream Four Horsemen (one of the worst shots in the history of mankind, and will mess up many people on their 21st birthday).

Anyways, because I was lucky (I paid for a 5th scoop), I got to taste all the alcoholic flavors available on that particular day. The flavors I tried on this excursion were:

  1. Bird Dog
  2. French Toast
  3. Bourbon Vanilla
  4. On The Rocks
  5. Dirty Sailor

I’ll be going into each individual flavor on its own post, are there is just too much to say, and I don’t feel like making you suffer through hundreds and thousands of extra words, purely for the sake of my ice cream experience. Fear not though, these posts will be coming soon, and will be linked to this main post as they are written and uploaded.

*If you’re interested in trying this place, The House is located at  732 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205.



Tell Me About Your Favorite Alcoholic Ice Cream!

I think that alcoholic ice creams (with actual alcohol in them) are definitely going to grow in this country in terms of popularity. So if there are any other ground breakers like The House that you know of, please let me know too! I’d love to make a trip and meet them. Just leave me a message on my contact page. I hope to hear from you soon!


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